I own a Netflix.hr domain and I’m using it the best I can. But how did I get it?

Most likely, you’re used to going to netflix.com to watch some movies and chill. What you might not now, Netflix, like many other companies buy domains in all countries they operate. They even but domains in countries they don’t operate in just to protect their brand. In the end, all of those domains simply point to netflix.com

Wherever Netflix operates they make sure to buy the domain

Germany (EU): netflix.de -> redirect’s to netflix.com
UK (sort-of-non-EU): netflix.co.uk -> redirects to netflix.com
Slovenia (EU): netflix.si -> redirects to netflix.com
Italy (EU): netflix.it -> redirects to netflix.com
Serbia (non-EU): netflix.rs -> redirects to netflix.xom
XYZ: netflix.xyz -> redirects to netflix.com
ORG: netflix.org -> redirects to netflix.com

Wherever Netflix operates they make sure to buy the domain.

How I bought NETFLIX.hr?

One way, I got a bit bored and started checking out if there are any interesting domains available. Living that time in Croatia means I also searched for not just global domains, but also Croatia specific ones. BTW, the domain name for Croatia is “hr”.

Keep in mind that Netflix was operating in Croatia for years already and that Croatia is part of the EU since 2013. I was shocked but I decided to try to buy the domain. All the time I was thinking this is not gonna work, there’s now way in hell the domain is available. There must be some kind of error.

Click here, click there, enter the bank card number and I became a proud owner of Netflix.hr in Croatia
This meant that I can do whatever I want with that domain now.

What to do with now?

At the beginning, I started redirecting traffic to my former small-business.

At the end of 2019, I changed the redirect to my private GitHub account and added the Netflix.hr to my CV. I must say, this was a great marketing tool as everybody was noticing my CV. A little bit after this channel has started, I changed the Netflix.hr to point to X-Reflect youtube channel.

I already got multiple questions from random people living in Croatia and some living outside Croatia about why when they try to go to Netflix they end up on my page
I’m not sure if the domain redirect will help but time will tell. Even if it doesn’t, it definitely helped me while looking for a job in Berlin since I was able to differentiate myself.

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