Berlin offers really a big number of ways to get around the city. Besides the usual public transport with buses, trams, uBahns and sBahns, you can rent several kinds of vehicles which are charged per usage. Scooters, mopeds, bicycles, cars, and vans can all be charged per minute or by per kilometer depending on the service provider you choose. Today, we’re focusing only on car sharing in Berlin.

You have X service providers at the time of recording this video. ShareNow (former DriveNow), Miles, WeShare, and SIXT share. As the name implies with all of them, it’s sharing a vehicle which means you share the vehicle with other users of the service. This does not mean you are driving with others in the car, however. It simply means that the care you rent is rented by minute (or kilometer) and after you’re done with the ride somebody else can pick the car up.

  • What are the benefits of this service?
  • No need to buy a car
  • Car’s are always new.
  • Parking and refiling are included in the price.
  • It can even be cheaper than using public transport.

Although the general idea is the same with all of the service providers, the way they do business is pretty different. Let’s dive in and give a quick comparison between them all. All of them have their own smartphone apps that work nicely and are easy to use. All of them offer a variety of electric and petrol or diesel cars with both manual and automatic transmission. The exception is WeShare since they offer only electric cars which by default don’t have a manual transmission.


Promo codes for new signups:

WeShare (10 EUR)

Miles (10 EUR): Use code when signing up

Sixt 60 EUR (30+20+10)


For all the services I’ll provide an affiliate link so you can receive free credits to enjoy your rides.


Probably the biggest service provider, formerly known as DriveNow. BMW had their sharing service and Mercedes had there, and at one point they decided to merge and now we have ShareNow. They charge by the minute. Vehicles range from Smarts which can fit 2 people to Mercedes A-class, BMW 1 series, and Mini Coopers. Some cars are electric, some are power by gasoline. Smart’s are the cheapest ones and the only ones that don’t require an additional 1 Euro fee for starting the ride. Smarts start usually from 25-30 cents per minute others are around 35-40 cents per minute.


The only service provider that charges by the kilometer and not by the minute. They offer mostly WV Polo with a few Golfs and Audi A3. The starting fee is 1 Eur for each ride and then 89 cents for each kilometer you drive. This is the service provider I had the most problems when trying to create an account with obvious discrimination on the national level and some strange excuses for it which were contradictory to their own Terms of Service.


They offer only Electric Golfs and they charge per minute. There is an additional 1 Euro starting fee for each ride but the price per minute is only 19 cents. Most likely, this will be the cheapest option since the majority of rides will be around 15 minutes or more. You can also plug the car to charge and get an additional 5 Euro bonus and you can disconnect the car from the charger to get 2 Euro in credits. They also regularly offer free credits to their users.


Sixt is mostly known for their rent-a-car service but they also have a large fleet in Berlin. Their fleet of cars is by far the most diverse one. They offer pretty much all brands and models you can find in regular car-rental service. From the small Renault Zoe to the big Audi A4 station wagon, you can really try a bunch of cars. They don’t charge a starting fee of 1 Eur at all which is great and their prices are considerably cheaper than ShareNow. They offer models Audi, BMW, Mini, Opel, Renault, Skoda, and VW. Audi Q1 or a BMW X1 will cost you only 27 cents per minute while the small electric Renault Zoe will cost you only 22 cents per minute. Although their prices are competitive, they do business in a very, very shady way. For every ride, you start they will initially charge you 20 Eur. After finishing the ride you will get a receipt for the correct amount and they will revert the difference to your account. The problem is that the reverting process usually takes about a week (although formally it can take up to 4 weeks). But the shadiest thing is that they will often send you notices of damages that have been done to the car claiming it’s you. Although it has been a month since your rent and there were thousands of others driving that same car, they will try to collect on as many people as possible. To protect me, I always take pictures of the car before and after starting the ride. A lot of people have complained about this but it, but it seems Sixt is doing some shady schemes that are common in regular rent-a-car services.


Promo codes for new signups:

WeShare (10 EUR)

Miles (10 EUR): Use code when signing up

Sixt 60 EUR (30+20+10)

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