II found a beautiful fully furnished apartment in Berlin 1 week before arriving here. Inthe city-center to be exact. In March 2020, I moved to Berlin from Zagreb, Croatia.

Why I’ve decided to move to Berlin after having my whole life set up and earning my first million? Read more here.

If you don’t already know, getting an apartment in Berlin can be super difficult and time-consuming. There are simply too many people looking to move here. Although there are new flats constantly being built, the amount of people moving to Berlin is enormous. They simply can’t keep up with the demand. That’s also one of the reasons why the rent prices in Berlin have sky-rocketed in the last 3 years.

When you want an apartment in Berlin, what is needed?

Usually, the landlord or the property agency will ask you for a SCHUFA. This is your credit score. Prepare to be askef for the last 3 paycheck slips. It’s common to also be required to pay 2 or 3 rent’s up-front as a deposit. Since I was supposed to start working at the beginning of April, I couldn’t provide the SCHUFA. And I couldn’t provde the last 3 paycheck slips obviously. So how did I get the apartment then?

Well… money… lot’s of money actually.

Sold my car, motorcycle and scooter in Croatia. Also had some additional money I saved, I had more than enough money to pay for the apartment for the full year up-front + the deposit worth 2 months of rent. That came to around 15,500 Eur which is a lot of money. it’s a lot of money for Germans but especially for Croatian standard. Croatia that has half of the living standard of Germany. With that money and a small loan you could buy a small apartment in Zagreb. Maybe even a medium-sized one somewhere outside the capital of Croatia. Maybe even a house.


Preparation is important. Sell yourself!

I had to do a video-call interview with the landlord. Gave him proof of how much my salary was gonna be when I start working. Showed him that I have enough money to pay a full year up-front. Showed him images of my apartment and the garage in Zagreb that I’m renting.

Since the situation is so crazy with the apartments you really have to sell yourself to the landlord. If they don’t like you for any reason they can simply reject you because they know they’re 50 other people waiting in line to get the apartment.

If you don’t have any relatives where you can stay for the first few months until you gather up some money and can provide last 3 paycheck slips, think really, really hard how you’re gonna play your part. I found this apartment on the Facebook marketplace but there’s a ton of pages you can use to search for apartments.

Prepare yourself for the interviews just like you did for your job interview. Even though you’re the one giving the money, the rule “the customer is always right” doesn’t apply here at all. Be patient, be fast, and check all the pages and Facebook groups multiple times per day. If you can have 15,000 – 20,000 euros ready as a guarantee you can pay for the apartment that will help your case for sure.


Beware of SCAMMERS

Be very, very careful since there’s a lot of scammers on every Facebook group. Never, send any money without seeing the apartment. Always use bank transfer and check the IBAN number is a German one but only once you check the apartment in person.


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II found a beautiful fully furnished apartment in Berlin 1 week before arriving here. Inthe city-center to be exact. In March 2020, I moved to Berlin from Zagreb, Croatia. Why I've decided to move to Berlin after having my whole life set up and earning my first...

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