You arrived to Germany, found an apartment but now you need to register your address. This process is called Anmeldung and here’s all you need to know about how to do an Anmeldung.
After finding an apartment and signing a contract, your landlord must provide you with a special document that is needed to do the Anmeldung. If he/she tries to charge you for that, they are doing an illegal thing and you should report them. There are however cases where you will see people subletting an apartment and not providing you with an option to do the registration. Take special care with those kind of landlords.


The documents that the landlord must give you or at least fill it up is called Wohnungsgeberbestaetigung. If you search online for a PDF version to download and print you will be surprised that there are several versions of this document.

Bürgeramt – citizens office

You will need to take this document to your citizen’s office called Bürgeramt. Your landlord doesn’t need to come with you. If you don’t know German, it might be a good idea to bring somebody who does with you. Although there’s a good chance you will get an appointment with somebody speaking at least enough English to do the registration, this isn’t always the case.
And that’s it. Pretty simple. However, there’s a really high chance that you will have some problems while trying to register and here are a few tips:

To get an appointment you need to go online to your state’s website and look for a free slot. Most likely all the slots will be booked. Try searching for a free slot between 8 AM and 9:15 AM and refresh the page every minute or two.

If after a few days you still can’t get the appointment then call them and explain the situation. If it’s urgent they will give you an appointment over the phone. Make sure to write down your case number.

Don’t be late. If you are late and your number get’s skipped you’ll have to do the whole process again.

If the landlord says that he’she can’t provide you this document to do the Anmeldung there’s probably something sketchy going on.

Even if you are subletting your apartment you have the right to do the registration. So if the owner of the apartment is person A who is renting the apartment to person B who is then renting an apartment to you, you should still be able to do the registration. Weather the contract between the original landlord (person A) and your landlord (person B) forbids further subletting or not, you shouldn’t care. Make sure to ask your landlord before you rent the place if the Anmeldung is possible.

If you have any problems with your landlord or are concerned he/she is doing something that’s not according to the law, you can easily get legal help from the tenant’s associations for your city/area. These usually cost some small fee per year but you get access to free legal help. I strongly advise you to register with them and get professional advice instead of you searching the internet and coming to conclusions on your own. They will probably understand the German law much better than you
Hope this helps all the people who are moving to Germany. I’m living in Berlin but the procedure should be similar to other states in Germany as well.

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